Kick start your Pinterest business account with everything you need to know

✔️ You are fully committed to growing your business and getting more leads and sales.

✔️ You know that you need to expand your marketing to ensure you stay relevant and up to date.

✔️ Being on Pinterest has been a priority but you do not know where to start.

✔️ You have thought about getting started but go round in circles!

✔️ You know Pinterest is the place for you but you do not have the time so need a step by step plan to follow.

Imagine having a fully optimised Pinterest account for your business that grows your leads with ease.

Imagine if you could get your Pinterest account set up and working by following our tutorials.

Imagine if you could have a platform that makes sales and gives you leads all while you are sleeping (or working on other aspects of your business)

…How would it feel?

Pinterest is a full-funnel marketing solution that reaches high-intent audiences. It’s the only platform where people actively plan for what’s next, so you can reach them at critical moments throughout the decision-making process.

Are you ready to get started with The Basics?



What is Pinterest? So many people think it is something when it is not! This module will show you the power of Pinterest and the overview of how that fits in with you and your business. 

Set Up

Setting up your account and fully optimising it to work from the beginning. How to claim your website and edit the settings so they work for you. 


Learning what boards are and how they work on Pinterest and for your account. How to create a board but also plan a series of board that enhance your account and truly reflect your business.


Pins are the blood of Pinterest. This modules dives into what makes up a good pin, how to stand our on Pinterest along with pinning video tutorials. We even teach you how to plan your Pins to help you get organised.


What do the numbers show us? How do you know what is working and what to do next? Reading your account analytics gives you an insight into your audience and trends that are relevant to you. 

One off Payment



✔️ You want to use Pinterest abut are finding it difficult to know where to start

✔️ You are a Social Media Manager and need to add a new skill to your services

✔️ You are a small business owner who can see that Pinterest is the perfect platform but need to save time with step by step instructions to follow

Pinterest users are looking for solutions. They come to the platform looking for answers to specific problems and they have a 3 times higher intent to purchase than on any other social media platform. 

What results can you expect?


Pinterest gets you RESULTS!


One off Payment