Your step-by-step roadmap for creating and launching a profitable Pinterest business account so you can attract & convert more dreamy clients, create consistent cash flow and accelerate your business’ impact and income, with ease instead of overwhelm.

Our system will take you from organic zero to ADS HERO in 2022!


You’re a business owner ready to grow your website traffic, sign more soul-aligned clients and increase your sales conversions.

But right now, despite how many hours you put in or how hard you work, you’re not seeing the results you want in your business and your income is constantly up and down.

…Leaving you frustrated, disappointed and confused as to where you’re going wrong.

Maybe you have a Pinterest account set up already, and you’ve been putting in a ton of effort, but just not seeing any real progress.

Or maybe you’re a Social Media Manager interested in diving into the world of Pinterest to diversify your offering, but you don’t know where on earth to start.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to your overwhelm and say hello to more dreamy clients, more sales on-repeat and more zeros in your bank account… without ANY force, hustle or chase?


Imagine if turning potential clients into paying clients could feel like a breeze.

Imagine if you could wake up every single day with the bulletproof confidence to promote and increase awareness of your brand.

Imagine if you could have a zero to hero system to teach you the exact steps you need to take to grow your website traffic, build your email list, and increase your sales revenue, with ease.

You don’t have to imagine. You could be LIVING!


Our 8-Module Signature coaching program teaches you everything you need to know about Organic and Paid marketing on Pinterest along with how to run your business using Positive Psychology, so you can step into a more fulfilled, joy-filled life!


The 8 module course is detailed with training videos designed to walk you through every stage you need to supercharge your Pinterest business account and take it from zero to HERO!

You will learn the exact process maps, execution guides and plug-&-play Pinterest systems you need to productise your content to reach more people and make sales on demand.


Getting your account set up and optimised

✓ Claiming your website and other accounts

✓ Installing the Pinterest Tag

✓ Setting up Event codes

✓ How to check your account is optimised


Learning what makes a stand out pin and how to plan

✓ Different Pin Types

✓ What makes a good Pin

✓ Pin resources

✓ Planning Your Content

✓ Creating different Pins


What do you want to achieve with account growth?

✓ Is your account ready?

✓ Determining your advertising goals

✓ Facebook v's Pinterest Ads

✓ Choosing the right ad objective

✓ Campaign structure

✓ Advertising guidelines


Finding your audience and how to target them

✓ Client persona

✓ Knowing your audience

✓ Ad group audience choices

✓ Creating different audiences


Understanding, researching and use of interests and keywords

✓ Using audience interests

✓ Understanding keywords

✓ How to research keywords

✓ Keyword planning


How to build a Pinterest sales funnel

✓ What is a sales funnel?

✓ Why do you need one?

✓ How to use a sales funnel

✓ Building a sales funnel

✓ Key Performance Indicators

✓ Funnel exhaustion


Putting your learning together

✓ Building your campaign

✓ Targeting details & Audience lists

✓ Keywords and Interests

✓ Demographics & Ad Placement

✓ Budget and Schedule

✓ Optimisation and delivery

✓ Launch ad approval

✓ Conversion and attribution


Reading the data to report, improve and scale your ads

✓ Reporting

✓ Custom reporting

✓ Benchmarking performance

✓ Making improvements

✓ Scaling your campaign

✓ Google Analytics

We provide you with the holistic approach

You will not only learn how to master your marketing on Pinterest so you can drive more traffic, sales and revenue... There will also be twice monthly Positive Psychology coaching to help you go from coasting along in your business to thriving!! This proven scientific approach is known to increase your chances of success and bring about radical change in your business!

No matter where you are on your Pinterest journey, there’s a seat for you

Whether you’re brand new to the world of Pinterest and need support with where to start, or you’re looking to take your Pinterest account to its next level and start driving even bigger and better results, there will be relevant trainings for you.

The incredible results our clients get

The strategies we teach allow our clients to create more impact, more consistent sales and more revenue in their businesses, and whilst working less! Time and time again, our clients walk away totally smashing their expectations, and attracting more leads and sales than they ever imagined.


✓ Our methodology is all about simplicity and ease

✓ Simple actionable processes is what we are all about

✓ We are here to help you drive real, tangible results in your business, with zero overwhelm


We can help you skyrocket your growth, sales and revenue!

Our 8-module course

You will discover the secrets of how to profit from your Pinterest from starting your account to running a fully fledged ads campaign. These trainings are designed to set you up for success! You will also take part in a quiz to determine your learning style so we can support you in the best possible way with a variety of resources at each stage.

Live training

Here is where the magic happens! On our live calls we dive deep into each aspect of the trainings, so you become crystal clear on what steps you need to be taking to start making more money and feel comfortable in doing so!

The live trainings will also be posted online in case you can't make it.

VIP community

When you sign up to join Supercharge Your Pinterest VIP you become part of a vibrant learning community. This is your online tribe. We are all here for each other 24/7. We can learn so much more as a group than as individuals.


✓ 95 presentations to listen to and watch as we explain key concepts

✓ 45 step by step tutorials to follow along every step of the way

✓ 6 months LIVE coaching calls to support your Pinterest learning journey

✓ Pinterest Pro Planning module to pin consistently with minimal effort

✓ 6 months support in the Supercharge Your Pinterest VIP collective

✓ Exclusive Canva templates to build branded designs to suit your niche

You will also get access to:

✓ Bi-Weekly Pinterest coaching live on zoom (value £1,500)

✓ Monthly Positive Psychology coaching live on zoom (value £1,500)

✓ Six months of free access to the Supercharge Your Pinterest VIP paid Facebook group. (value £282)

✓ Instant access to our Masterclasses including Google Analytics, Email marketing, Video for Pinterest, Photography for Pinterest, Canva, Scheduling and blog writing (value £1400)

✓ Pinterest Basics (mini-course) (value £97)

✓ Supercharge Your Planning & Scheduling (mini-course) (value £47)

✓ Pinterest yearly content calendar (value £27)

✓ Access to the Challenge replays and resources (Value £97)

Pay in full one payment


Access to all of the above


3 month payment plan

£335 p/m

Access to all of the above


6 month payment plan

£170 p/m

Access to all of the above


12 month payment plan

£90 p/m

Access to all of the above


93% of pinners say they use the site to make purchasing plans and research products.

1 out of 2 Pinterest users has made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin

77% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest

Promoted pins typically earn $2 profit for every $1 spent on ads.

Nine out of 10 Pinners describe Pinterest as filled with positivity


Katie Cooper and Philippa Iles (Founders and Master Positive Psychology Coaches) will be your hosts! 

We understand that being a solopreneur can be lonely. Business besties are hard to find, and we all need someone to share the highs and lows of being in business…

That’s exactly why we created this community - for ambitious, heart-led women like you who are ready to end your solopreneur loneliness! Remember, there is so much power in numbers!

We’re going to combine the powers of Pinterest and Positive Psychology, so you can truly up-level in your business and life.

More financial independence. More choice. More empowerment. More confidence. More of the things you love!